We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower, inspire, and mentor women and girls with rare/visible medical conditions through the performing arts, education, and advocacy. ​



A woman that has gone through really tough times, she has persevered, been resilient, and made it through her storm to the other side and done it all with style, dignity, and grace.


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  • Butterfly Circle (Teen Small Groups)  We facilitate small, intimate group settings with a safe place for attendees to talk about their challenges, share experiences and motivate each other with their personal accomplishments.

  • Sister Circle (Adult Small Groups)
  • Group settings include lifestyle enhancing environments: CPR Class, Skin Care Classes, Self Defense, etc...

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Public Events

Inspirational speaking – our in-house panel of speakers and our relationships with community leaders in Atlanta allows us to offer motivational speaking services for any event or organization.

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  • Member of RAN (Rare Action Network)

  • We connect with other Rare Disease organizations.

  • Rare Disease Day is the last day of February every year.


Performing Arts

We truly believe in the healing and therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. We offer inspirational performances in most genre of the performing arts. Such as  dance, music and spoken word.