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Permission To F.L.Y. was co-founded by Ashley Rose Favors and her mentor Ms. Roshawn Buxton (Ms.Ro).

Both ladies wanted to be living examples of strength, inspiration, and what we call "perservillients," to women and girls who have suffered from rare/complex medical conditions (e.g. Bell's Palsy, Erb's Palsy, Vitiligo, albinism). Despite having a rare condition called Erb's Palsy, which affected the function and appearance of her right arm, Ashley excelled through life.

Coincidentally, her mentor Ms.Ro found the will to inspire others and become the best example of her own mentoring spirit after being diagnosed with a rare condition called Bell's Palsy, causing her face to remain partially paralyzed .

Ashley, Ms. Ro, and countless other women and girls with similar stories have triumphed in some way despite the odds, and permission to F.L.Y. is just that : To fully and ,triumphantly love ourselves no matter what circumstances or health challenges we may face. Sadly, Ashley's life ended on June 15, 2016 in a horrible car accident. She was 26 years young.

Anyone who knew Ashley knows that she would have accomplished great things for her platform “Permission To F.L.Y. There are many women and girls who have creative abilities that we wish to cultivate using this platform. With your generous support, we will invoke a new movement of confident, resilient, triumphant women and girls. ​

Remember we are not giving you permission YOU have always had Permission To F.L.Y